weclapp plants 1 hectar trees

weclapp SE is carbon neutral for the first time and plants one hectare of trees as Leader for Climate Action

  • Cloud ERP platform weclapp runs climate neutral
  • In association with Leaders for Climate Action the company is committed to climate protection
  • weclapp is committed to reforestation

Frankfurt/Marburg/Kitzingen, 11. March 2021 – weclapp SE, provider of the cloud-based ERP platform of the same name, is a new member of Leaders for Climate Action (LFCA). In the context of joining the association of more than 1,000 leading digital entrepreneurs in Germany and Europe, weclapp SE has undergone the carbon emission audit of the LFCA organisation for the financial year 2020 and compensated the emissions by a commitment to forest reforestation.

“With our membership in Leaders for Climate Action, we have committed ourselves to the ‘Green Pledge’, the corporate and personal active commitment to climate protection. Together with all other companies in the network, we are working on climate neutrality of the digital industry and the expansion of renewable energy supplies,” says Ertan Özdil, CEO and founder of weclapp SE.

In the context of offsetting its 2020 carbon footprint, weclapp SE has opted for project funding from the ClimatePartner Foundation GmbH. Jointly with the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald e.V. (Association for the Protection of German Forests), this foundation carries out reforestation projects. The contribution of weclapp SE allows an area of one hectare of forest to be planted. Hence, this endeavour verifiably contributes to six of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (https://fpm.climatepartner.com/project/details/1111/de).

To ensure continuity within the company, a sustainability officer has been appointed who is responsible for internal improvement, reporting and communication. “In the course of the audit, we have already initiated changes – both large and small – that are now beginning to develop a momentum of their own. This does not only concern the LFCA’s community actions. For us, ecological responsibility is a cornerstone of governance in the company,” Özdil sums up.

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