weclapp B2B award

weclapp is awarded with the B2B-Award and receives recognition as European Growth Champion

  • Thanks to its fast growth, weclapp makes it into the top 1,000 in Europe
  • CEO underlines strategic growth plans
  • Customers rate weclapp offer as best price/performance in the industry

Frankfurt/M., Germany, 3 March 2021 – weclapp SE is one of the fastest growing companies in
Europe. On 2 March, the Financial Times published the list of “Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies”
on www.ft.com. weclapp is ranked 464th. “The clear focus here is on innovative companies that can
demonstrate organic and sustainable growth”, according to the Financial Times and the German
partner Statista in the laudation. weclapp SE qualified for the European comparison by coming in 13th
in the IT and software sector and 65th out of 500 growth champions across industries awarded by
FOCUS and Statista in October 2020.

“Behind the growth is hard work and a clear growth strategy that we are pursuing. We have a firm goal:
to become the leading cloud ERP platform provider for small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe.
With ambition, we are pursuing this goal with the entire team,” says Ertan Özdil Founder and CEO of
weclapp SE

Winner and top rankings at the “German B2B Award 2020/21”

In the study of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verbraucherstudien mbH DtGV (German Society for
Consumer Studies) on customer satisfaction, customer service and price-performance ratio, weclapp
has been awarded the German B2B Award 2020/21. In the category price/performance weclapp takes
first place. In all three categories weclapp was voted among the top 3 of 20 ERP solutions. In all three
categories weclapp prevailed against leading industry giants.

The “German B2B Award 2020/21” has been published at www.dtgv.de/awards/b2b2020/. Decisionmakers from middle and top management were surveyed in October 2020. Around 220,000 assessments were received for a total of 1,370 companies from 100 sectors. Only companies for which at least 100 assessments were submitted were included in the evaluation.

“To participate in the megatrend of digitalisation has become a must for companies in the pandemic
year 2020. The limitless scalability of weclapp and its transferability to any country in the world offers
growth opportunities, also for customers,” says Michael Schmidt, CEO of 3U HOLDING AG.

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