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Statement on Clearstream Announcement “weclapp SE: Admission to collective safe custody and CASCADE-RS – Update”

Marburg and Frankfurt/M., Germany, 04 February 2022 – Clearstream AG announced on 02 February 2022 that the admission of registered shares of weclapp SE to collective safe custody of weclapp SE has been postponed indefinitely. This is a technical process for registered shares, which does not result from an initiative of weclapp SE. This implies that the necessary technical requirements for the establishment of collective safe custody of the shares on the part of Clearstream are being met.

The executive boards of weclapp SE and 3U HOLDING AG declare in this regard: It was announced in August 2021: “The Executive Board of weclapp SE decided on July 26, 2021, (…) to [aim for] a date for the possible IPO of the company (…) in the course of the first half of 2022.” The realization of this possibility was and is subject to a favourable stock market environment. This is still the resolution position and preparations for a possible IPO are ongoing; however, a date has not yet been set.

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