Greater variety in weclapp store

Greater variety, more bustle in the weclapp store

  • Cloud ERP provider weclapp expands range of program extensions and strengthens developer community 
  • Relaunch of the weclapp store stimulates customers and community
  • High access rates already on the first day
  • User ratings create more transparency and dynamics

Marburg, 23 September 2020 – As part of its growth strategy, weclapp SE, a subsidiary of 3U HOLDING AG (ISIN DE0005167902), has redesigned the internal marketplace and added numerous offers. The cloud-based ERP platform weclapp enables small, medium-sized, and also larger companies to run their business processes comprehensively from one application. The marketplace complements this service with interfaces to a variety of specialized applications and functionalities (plugins), which offer customers additional options. They include for example Plugins for shipment processing, for project management or for connecting cash registers or telephone installations.

The Plugins available in the weclapp online store were developed partly by weclapp, partly by the active Community, consisting of customers and third-party IT service providers. Their plugins are offered as services (SaaS, software as a service) on the marketplace, where these connections of weclapp with industry or customized programs or devices can be rented. Thus, the community members have the possibility to present their program interfaces to a larger clientele and offer them for a fee. The community developers are free to set the prices for their programs themselves. The plugins are on display on the marketplace after having passed a compatibility-check by the weclapp development team.

As a cloud-based platform, weclapp enables efficient teamwork independent of location. This offers decisive advantages over all conventional “on-premises systems”, which run on the customers’ respective servers and are therefore dependent on infrastructure and updates. With weclapp, however, data from business transactions are accessible any time anywhere. This also applies to third-party programs coupled via the plugins which also get access to any data necessary for processing.

“The marketplace is our contribution to strengthen the community. Here, our partners can offer their services to all weclapp users worldwide under their own label. weclapp provides the trading platform. The marketplace with an active community of developers worldwide is an important strategic component in the worldwide orientation of our platform. Therefore, we will continue to expand the possibilities for developers and solution providers to enable smart extensions around our multiple award-winning platform,” says Ertan Özdil, CEO and founder of weclapp SE.

With the relaunch, the internal award “Plugin of the month” was initiated. Furthermore, customers now have the possibility to rate the plugins. Thus, all customers can participate in the active community and extend their weclapp with useful additional functionalities. 

On the day the new offering was announced, the number of users accessing the store increased tenfold.

“weclapp users get in contact with developers and their products via the store and experience what is possible with weclapp. The fact that business transactions can be processed and closed far beyond the borders of a core ERP is a great advantage for weclapp users and for us a milestone on the way to internationalisation”, emphasizes Michael Schmidt, speaker of the board of 3U HOLDING AG.

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